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Learning to Let Go…


A reflection on dealing with anxiety.

DSC6632-copyAnxiety comes in many forms. It rears its ugly head at the worst moments and manifests in odd ways. From the mild pacing of the floor to biting your nail until your fingers bleed.   I had a chat with a good friend of mine who has the same battles with anxiety. Once we had an opportunity to compare notes I realized that the root of the problem is not being able to let go.  People with anxiety try to hold on for dear life. As if losing anything will also mean the loss of all they hold dear…. Okay maybe that is a slight exaggeration but on a certain level there is TRUTH.

I cannot stand to feel loss. Lost opportunities, loss of relationships, loss of connections, loss of financial success, loss of physical looks, set backs in personal growth and development. Loss… If life were a game I’d definitely be afraid to lose and the devil on my right shoulder is telling me to be sore about it.  Still I’ve found myself trying to not be upset, vindictive, or laced with malicious intent when things to go according to plan and luckily I’ve been reasonably successful! This is not the case for everyone who is faced with the same type of anxiety. Anxiety comes from a place where fear is the dominating emotion, and fear can make the coolest people do the most hateful things.

Okay so you didn’t get that job, or that relationship you relied on so much went to shit.  Maybe you were profoundly betrayed. Or you flopped and embarrassed yourself in front of an audience. Who cares? Life moves on and when you die none of that really matters. It’s anyone’s guess what matters at that point.  So why hold on?

Life has been interesting so far to say the least. And though my experience has been a bit limited, as of right now I am pretty confident that my lesson in this life is to learn how to let go. To re-evaluate the importance of everything that runs across my mind.  How is that for a new check-n-balance system? Could you imagine not being ultra judgmental as western history has shaped us to be? Replacing the patterns of assigning a judgment of good vs bad to everything with a pattern of assigning importance? Letting go and moving forward without stopping should be the focus for the rest of this year. I’ve decided that this is my new 90 – Day Challenge. Moving forward, not being afraid to cast aside relationships that do not serve me well, habits that have only held me back in the past. Fears that type cast at the social level…  Learning to let go seems to be the key to a healthier me. If you are still reading you have probably struggled with anxiety as well and perhaps letting go would also contribute to a healthier you as well!

Buddhists are the best when it comes to this subject. Have an open mind, take what you can benefit from and leave the rest. #Enjoy!

Let Go! 2014

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